Green Tourmaline Group

Handpicked by Henn, a group of top class green tourmalines with a variety of origins, clockwise from left: a cushion-shaped perfectly clean and desirably blue-green tourmaline from Namibia; exceptional in both colour and size, a luminescent and beautifully clear oval tourmaline from a recently reopened historic mine in Brazil; an important and utterly sumptuous octagonal Golconda tourmaline showcasing the most attractive blue-green hue, acquired from a private collection in which it has been kept since its discovery in Brazil; and an exquisitely matched pair of oval tourmalines from Afghanistan which exhibit covetable shades of blue-green.

24 ct green tourmaline cushion | 59 ct oval green tourmaline | 24 ct green Golconda tourmaline | 23 ct oval green tourmaline pair

All measurements are approximate

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