A Trio of Treasures

Three perfect unheated gemstones from Henn representing the best in class in their respective mineral categories. This carefully curated group demonstrates the ultimate balance in terms of quality, most notably depth of colour, intensity and size. 

Left to right: rare in this size, shape and hue, a round tourmaline from Mosambique in just the right pinkish red with a desirable touch of violet; an exceptionally large octagonal tanzanite exhibiting a deeply saturated blue tone with an alluring hint of purple; and an oval cushion-shaped tsavorite garnet in the very richest green – this outstandingly beautiful coloured gemstone from Tanzania is all the rarer thanks to its unusually large size. It has been awarded a Gübelin Appendix, only granted to superlative precious stones.

63 ct tourmaline | 79 ct tanzanite  | 58 ct tsavorite

All measurements are approximate


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