Ingo Henn

Jeweller, master goldsmith and certified gemmologist Ingo Henn orchestrates the creation of all the company’s bespoke jewellery designs, working with a team of expert and highly skilled craftspeople. He is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and a fellow of both the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (FIPG) and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA).

Ingo grew up among the stone cutters, goldsmiths and other artisans linked to his parents’ family business in Idar-Oberstein, which is at the heart of the German gem industry. These early influences undoubtedly cultivated his particular passion for the specially selected and beautifully coloured gemstones which form the focal point of each of his designs: “Most jewellery designers start with an idea and then search for a suitable stone. I work the other way around; I discover and decide upon the stone first and let it speak to me. The background story then unfolds around the shimmering gem as a source of inspiration.”

Masterful composition and detailed craftsmanship are as important as the quality of the materials in each bespoke jewel. According to Ingo: “For me this is an essential aspect of the design process, balancing all the components: gemstones, engraving and enamelling, so that the combination is seamlessly beautiful, both in its aesthetic and in its functionality.”

The jewellery created under the Henn of London label blends precision-cut and exceptionally coloured gemstones with refined goldsmithing, together with special techniques such as enamelling and hand engraving. Each piece is unique with a strong emphasis on detail and a signature style which is bold, colourful and modern as well as elegant and timeless. These distinctive collections exhibit depth and soul, and unerringly reflect both the passion and the craftsmanship that contributes to their creation.