Heliodor Tree Frog

The very finest craftsmanship is revealed in this delicate and engaging sculpture depicting a tree frog, intricately hand carved in a spectacular and richly coloured heliodor from Ukraine. It is exquisite in every detail, right down to the little creature’s artfully mottled coat and deep citrine and gold eyes. Our charming amphibian’s precious gemstone perch is set on a base of yellow gold, the combined materials alluding to the varying textures of an exotic tree trunk in the wild. 

This beautiful fine art piece captures the character, tension and impending movement in the tree frog as it prepares to spring into action. A masterful and soulful sculpture combining highly accomplished craftsmanship with the perfect choice of gemstone – an irresistible example of Henn’s exceptional skill and talent in creating unique objets d’art.

Materials: 3500 ct heliodor, 18 ct gold | Dimensions: 150 mm high

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